Month: February 2017


I am currently a student at the University of North Georgia majoring in Mathematics. I’m an avid fan of philosophy and sci-fi, and like to work on engineering projects in my free time. The following website is a catalog of my adventures in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, and Physics.
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LaTex Keyboard

So, for anyone who knows me… It is no secret I am always looking for ways to shorten the time required to do a task. So when I saw an .stl file for creating a personalized 12 key keyboard(, I instantly saw a chance to cut down some of the typing required in LaTex. The following it an account of what follows:

Day one-
Research similar projects.

…and do Real Analysis h/w.

I’m sorry to say, but I suspect this project is going to get put on the back burner for awhile.

…To be continued!